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Automotive Part Assembly Lines

We provide machinery and tooling for production of exhaust systems, body structures and chassis components. To improve quality control and shorten delivery times, we also design and manufacture automatic feeders, tools, jigs and stacking systems in-house. Our compact manufacturing and assembly lines are designed to produce several different models using the same equipment, within short cycle times. We specialize in making individual machines and fully automated lines for exhaust mufflers, door frames and bumpers, and cowl crossbars.

Muffler Assembly Line | Exhaust System Manufacturing

The main muffler assembly line produces muffler pipes and jacket resonators using loading, welding, leak testing, unloading and stacking processes. The sub-assembly forming line makes muffler tubes and consists of jacket sheet feeding, lock seaming, double flanging, ridge locking, double seaming and leak testing stations. Before pipes are fed to the main line, each part goes through metal forming processing including pipe bending, cutting, reducing, expanding and flanging. The fabricated pipes then undergo sub-assembly welding or muffler jacket ridge-locking.

Door Frame and Bumper Assembly Line | Body In White Manufacturing

The door frame assembly line consists of main and sub-assembly processes, while the sub-assembly process is further divided into front and rear door models. The bumper assembly lines also include sub-assembly sections for bumper beams. Welding is performed using CO2 and spot welding with robot arms. Welding stations are equipped with tool turntables and quick change jigs to produce various models within a demanding cycle time.

Cowl Cross Bar Assembly Line | Automotive Body Manufacturing

The cowl cross bar assembly line includes a welding and piercing process at the sub-assembly station. The main welding line is used to weld the sub-assembled part to the main pipe, which has already been pierced by our drilling machine with either a single-drill or a multi-drill jig.