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Cowl Crossbar Assembly Line

Metal Forming Machines and Robotic Welding Jigs & Fixtures

The Cowl Crossbar Assembly Line performs sub-assembly processes, piercing operations on the main pipe, and welding of the sub-assembled parts to the main pipe.

Crossbar Assembly Line

Hole Piercing Station

Part of the main assembly process, hole piercing is conducted with a single-drill jig or multi-drill jig, depending on the shape of the main pipe.

Multi-Drill Loaded Jig
A Single Drill Loaded Jig

Multi-Drill Piercing Jig

Single-Drill Piercing Jig

Main Pipe CO2 Welding

This station welds two main pipes together using a rotating CO2 welding torch.

Radius Welding of Main Pipes

Sub-Assembly Forming

Depending on the cowl shapes and welding sections, the line is divided into sub-assembly stations for further processing.

Radius Welding of Main Pipes

Main Assembly Welding

This station welds sub-assembled parts together to make a complete cowl. Based on the cowl shape, welding segment and cycle time, it can be further divided into different processes.

Radius Welding of Main Pipes

Welding Inspection

After the main assembly welding process, an operator checks the welding quality and fixes any areas that require manual welding.

Welding Inspection Station

Vision Inspection

The final station has a vision inspection system to check the quality of the finished product, distance between the side pins and each piece of hardware.

Vision Inspection System

Parts Rack

The rack collects parts after each assembly process is completed.

Parts Rack

Robotic Welding Station | Compact Design

The welding booth comes with jigs, robots, safety curtains, safety sensors and a cat walk. It is designed to minimize the floor space used. The robot, welding controller and electric panels are mounted on top of the frame and can be accessed using a cat walk. The welding wire box is located at the bottom of the welding booth for safety and to minimize floor space.

Robotic Welding Station
Robotic Welding Booth