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Door Frame and Bumper Assembly Lines

Door frames play an important role in enhancing structural support, performance and safety of a car. Reflecting these critical functions, TST provides automotive manufacturers with Door Frame Assembly Lines, which include 10-70 stack Roll Forming, Saw-Cut Part Assembly, Welding, and Final Inspection.

Door Frame Saw Cutting Machine
Door Frame Welding Station

The Saw Cutting Machine is used on the upper part of the front door frame and the B-Pillar, before they are welded together.

This station performs low heat welding on the upper part of the front door frame and the corner of the B-Pillar. Includes a welding jig, robot and low-heat welder.

Door Frame Welding Station
Door Frame Welding Station

This station performs low heat welding on the front door quadrant panel. Includes a welding jig, robot and low-heat welder.

This station performs low heat and spot welding on the panels and belting. Includes a welding jig, robot, low-heat welder, spot welding gun, transformer, timer and contactor.

The bumper beam of a car is essential to its safety and shock absorbing system. TST’s Bumper Assembly Line produces complete bumpers that connect the front of the vehicle to the automotive body. Visit the Stretch Bending Machinery page to learn more about individual machines for bumper fabrication.

Automotive Bumper Assembly Line

Bumper Rail Spot Welding

Open Bumper Rail
Closed Bumper Rail

Open Bumper Rail

Closed Bumper Rail

Bumper Rail Spot Welding
Bumper Rail Spot Welding

Spot Welding of Bumper Rail and Reinforcement Plate

Crash Box Welding and Assembly

Depending on the car model being produced, the inner and outer surfaces of crash boxes can be welded using CO2 or Spot Welding. The assembled crash box and plate can then be attached to the automotive body.

Crash Box Assembly
Crash Box Welding

Sub-Assembly Station

This station performs subassembly of parts and then combines it to the main assembly. To minimize floor space consumption, we consider the assembled product length, vehicle models and production volume while designing the assembly station.

Bumper Sub Assembly Station

Smart Cruise Control Inspection System

Smart Cruise Control Systems read the distance between two cars to avoid collisions, so location of the bracket is critical for their functioning. This is assembled at the Sub-Assembly Station pictured above. We also provide an inspection system to confirm the bracket location.

Bracket Inspection System

Final Inspection and Painting Stations

Bumper Loading Rack
Bumper Stacking Station

Formed Bumper Loading Rack

Final Inspection and Stacking Station