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Exhaust System and Muffler Assembly Line

Main Assembly Line | Robotic Welding, Metal Forming, Automatic Loading/Unloading

The Main Assembly Line is for finished muffler pipes and jacket resonators. It has a Robotic CO2 Welding station to weld muffler pipes and jacket resonators; and a Leak Tester to inspect the finished products. Before going through the main assembly line, each part goes through a metal forming line, which includes Pipe Bending, Cutting, Reducing, Expanding or Flange Forming Machines. Those processed parts then undergo Sub-Assembly Welding or Jacket Ridge Locking.

The layout for the main assembly line includes loading, welding, leak testing, unloading and stacking stations. Tooling and jigs can be changed depending on the muffler model. This line produces 34 complete mufflers in one hour without an operator. The CO2 welding station has two welding jigs, two leak testing jigs and robot arm units. When sub-assembled parts arrive, a robot performs 360 degree radius welding while a jig-loaded sub-frame is used to position the parts.

Exhaust System Assembly Line Layout

Muffler Sub-Assembly Line | Lock Seaming, Ridge Locking, Tube End Forming

The Exhaust System Subassembly Line consists of Sheet Feeding, Lock Seaming, Double Flanging, Ridge Locking and Double Seaming Machines. Please visit our Muffler Manufacturing Machinery page for information on standalone machines. Pipe End Forming machines can also be integrated depending on the muffler shape. Our line layout includes Robotic CO2 Welding Stations, Leak Testers and Automated Loading/Unloading Systems. Each machine in the line is designed to work with multiple tool sets, with quick tool changing between production models.

Muffler Assembly Line