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/Tube and Pipe Fabrication Equipment
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Tube and Pipe Fabrication Equipment

Exhaust Systems | Automotive Door Frames | Bumper Beams

For over a decade, TST has maintained its reputation as a reliable Metal Forming Machine manufacturer. Each machine is designed with careful attention to how clamping, pressure, speed and programming affect machine quality. In order to control these factors, we manufacture critical machine components like tools and dies in-house. In the past we have also designed and manufactured our own hydraulic units to ensure that the machine is compact and easily maintained.

Tube Forming and Cutting Machines

Tube and Pipe Forming Machinery includes Bending, Cutting, End Forming, Drilling, Chamfering and Saw Cutting. Tooling, end-effectors and programming are created in modules for quick changeovers and are fully automated to minimize downtime. We have obtained a deep understanding of automotive part materials and surface treatment technologies over decades of experience with the automotive industry. This vast knowledge translates to high precision level and advanced forming capabilities in every machine we build.

Automotive Parts Manufacturing Equipment

TST’s broad experience supplying to global Tier 1 companies in the automotive industry has resulted in machine designs that are versatile, compact, user-friendly and easy to maintain. Our range of Muffler Forming Machines for exhaust system manufacturers includes Lock Seaming, Double Flanging, Baffle Inserting, Double Seaming, Ridge Locking and End Forming. Each muffler fabrication machine is designed as a standalone station or to be integrated with automated fabrication and assembly lines. We also provide Stretch Bending Machines for production of door frames, bumper beams and cowl crossbars.

Metal Forming Tools, Jigs and Fixtures

TST provides customized tooling and pre-assembled tools that enable quick cycle times, seamless integration with leading machine brands, and compatibility with various production models. We design and manufacture clamps, roll clamps, rollers, roller carriages and mandrels for CNC pipe bending, ridge-locking and end forming machines and a wide range of tooling solutions for pipe forming machinery and automated assembly lines. TST’s precision tooling is designed for minimized tool change time, long tooling life, and easy maintenance and use.