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Automatic Tube Chamfering Machines

Tube End Finishing | I/O Chamfering

The Tube Chamfering Machine can perform various operations on tube blanks after the tube bending process, including double-ended Saw Cutting, two-step Forming for calibration, simultaneous ID and OD Chamfering, and Piercing. The hydraulic unit and electric box are mounted on top of the machine frame to conserve floor space. Scraps are removed from the bottom rear panel of the machine via a sloped ejection path. As a safety feature, the door is automatically locked while the machine is running.

Chamfering Machines | Tube and Pipe Fabrication
Chamfering Machines | Tube and Pipe Fabrication

Chamfering Machine Design

Chamfering Machine Front View

Chamfering Machines | Tube and Pipe Fabrication

1) Saw Cutting Unit  2) Forming Unit  3) Chamfering Unit  (Piercing Unit Optional)

Chamfering Machine Components

Chamfering Machine Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Unit

Chamfering Machine Electrical Box

Electric Box with Safety Lock

Chamfering Machine Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic and Air Pressure Gauges

Chamfering Machine PLC Panel

PLC Panel

Chamfering Tool

Chamfering Tool

Chamfering Machine Clamping Unit

Clamping Unit