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Pipe Bending Tools and Dies

Precision Tooling Components for Tube Bending Machines

TST provides a wide range of tooling components for Tube and Pipe Bending Machines including roll clamps, clamps, ball mandrels, wiper dies and pressure dies. These tools are used with over 30 different types of our own machines as well as with other brands like Chiyoda, YLM, Opton and Addison McKee.

When designing dies, jigs and fixtures, we always consider the customer’s part materials and machine downtime resulting from slow tool changeover. Our tooling components deliver long-lasting results due to our in-depth knowledge of the production parts, optimal tooling materials and surface treatment processes.

We have extensive in-house resources for material property analysis, coating and heat treatment testing and analysis, and 3D modeling, along with a testing and inspection facility for each finished tool. With a team of experts performing everything from design to manufacturing to testing, we can easily meet your lead time and quality assurance goals.

Pipe Bending Tool Sets | Chucks, Clamps and Dies

Pipe Bending Tool Set