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Automatic Saw Cutting Machines

Saw Cutting Machinery for Automotive Body & Exhaust Components

Our customized Saw Cutting Machines create precise cuts for B pillars, exhaust system manifolds and tail pipes after they have been metal formed. Both manual and automatic machine configurations are available. All models come with quick change tooling in order to easily produce different types of tubes. With two cutting heads, our machines help customers in the automotive industry meet their demanding cycle times.

The four main assembly components include a cutting slide, clamp, spindle, and cover slide. The saw cutting machine indexes the material when the workpiece is loaded onto the check fixture. After the cutting location is marked, the clamp unit holds the workpiece tightly in place so that the slide unit can move down to cut the pipe.

Hydraulic Saw Cutting Machines for Automotive Door Frames

The standard model is a Two-Head Hydraulic Saw Cutting Machine for automotive door frames. The spindle is controlled by a geared motor and belt pulley, while the vertical movement of the cutting head is powered by a hydraulic cylinder and linear module. Clamping is also controlled by hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Saw Cutting Machine

Servo Saw Cutting Machine (Two Head)

The Two Head Saw Cutting Machine is equipped with a servo-controlled in-feed that allows for customized cutting speeds depending on the complexity of the tube profile. Similar to the basic model, the spindle is controlled by a geared motor and belt pulley while the vertical cutting head movement is controlled by a servo motor, ball screws and a linear module. The drill unit has an automated in-feed system and changeable tool units that make the machine extremely flexible.

Servo Saw Cutting Machine

Horizontal Saw Cutting Machine (Two Head)

This model allows users to change its in-feed cutting speed depending on the shape of the door frames. Its mechanical structure and components are similar to the Servo Saw Cutting Machine.

Horizontal Saw Cutting Machine

Servo Saw Cutting Machine with Tool Turntable

This machine is equipped with two cutting heads and a tool turntable, loaded with four different dies. Users can benefit from reduced machine downtime and higher productivity due to quick tool changeover times. Cutting speeds can be set depending on the tube end profile.

Servo Saw Cutting Machine