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Muffler Manufacturing Machinery

Metal Forming Machines for Exhaust System Mufflers & Pipes

We provide a complete product suite of fully automated Muffler Making Machines for global exhaust system manufacturers. Each machine can be used as a standalone unit or integrated within an assembly line. Our muffler fabrication machinery includes shell feeding, lock seaming, double flange, stuffing, double-seaming, ridge locking and end forming.

To minimize service and maintenance downtime, critical components, documentation, and drawings are supplied according to the customer’s specifications.

Lock Seaming Machines | Roll Forming & Seaming

The Lock Seaming Machine roll forms muffler shells using mandrel carriages for shaping and rollers for seaming. It consists of an automatic feeder, sets of forming rollers, sets of mandrel carriages, a mandrel stocking unit and an unloading unit. The machine is programmed to automatically adjust the positions of the forming rollers or blades and the speed of the roller carriages when the muffler model is changed.

An important factor in precision tube forming is tight control over the mandrel’s movement on the sheet. We have built sheet lifting dies which move the sheet up and down along the mandrel, and a hydraulic unit to control the tube’s outer diameter. For secure seams, there are two types of pressured rollers and an eccentric shaft to offset the pressure. Roller carriage speed is controlled by a servo motor.

Our equipment is designed with the user’s safety and ease of operation in mind. An automatic feed stopper alerts the user in case an incorrect sheet is inserted that does not match the muffler model. We have also included a foolproof method of limiting cylinder strokes to prevent any collisions with the press bar. Hydraulic clamps enable quick mandrel change so machine downtime is minimized while changing muffler model, and an automatic oil spray facilitates easy maintenance. Optional features include a mandrel stacking station with a quick changing die, which is designed and manufactured in-house.

Lock Seaming Machines

Double Flange Forming Machines

The Double Flanging Machine has a lower frame for the main flange and an upper frame for the right and left flange tooling. This design assists with easy maintenance and quick tool changes. An automatic transferring system with a minimized pitch length for better efficiency during transferring times. The machine caters to various muffler models, automatically adjusting the muffler jacket length depending on the selected model using a hydraulic screw brake. The operator can also manually adjust muffler jacket length using the left and right screws.

Double Flange Forming Machine
Muffler Jacket Setting for Double Flanging
Muffler Jacket Setting
Double Flange Machine Clamping Tool
Clamping Tool
Double Flanging Machine Automatic Ejection System
Automatic Ejection System

Baffle Inserting Machines | Muffler Jacket Stuffing

The Baffle Inserting Machine inserts pre-assembled baffles into the muffler jacket. When the muffler model is changed, the machine settings are automatically adjusted using numerical control and a servo motor. It is equipped with vise tools for various machine setting positions. A high efficiency hydraulic pump motor is used with all models, and a load cell is included to check the insertion pressure while the machine is running. This machine can be used as a standalone station or integrated within an assembly line.

Baffle Inserting Machine

Baffle Inserting Machine (Vertical)

The Vertical Baffle Inserting Machine is numerically controlled using a servo motor. It uses the Z coordinate to identify a location. Inserting force is measured with an attached load cell for high accuracy.

Vertical Baffle Inserting Machine

Baffle Inserting Machine (Horizontal)

The Horizontal Baffle Inserting Machine is controlled by three servo motors, with X, Y and Z coordinates controlling the insertion and forming location. This machine can change jigs and tooling quickly depending on the muffler model. It uses load cells to calculate insertion force and a PLC touch screen is provided for the operator.

Horizontal Baffle Inserting Machine

Baffle Inserting and Spot Welding Machine

The combination Baffle Inserting and Spot Welding Machine has two servo control systems and reads X and Y coordinates to controls the insertion location. It comes with jig tooling, which allows quick tool change for different muffler models. It is controlled using a PLC touch screen with load cell attachment.

Baffle Inserting and Spot Welding Machine

Double Seaming Machines | Roll Seamed Muffler Shells

The Double Seaming Machine uses rolls to seal the muffler shell by simultaneously seaming end caps onto either ends. When the tools spin during the roll seaming process, tool motors on both the right and left sides run simultaneously. It is programmed to automatically change setting positions according to muffler model selected, using a servo motor. For safety, we have built a position brake for the model change. To conserve energy, the machine comes with a high efficiency pump motor.

Double Seaming Machine

Ridge Locking Machines

The Ridge Locking Machine creates ridges to combine muffler baffles and tubes into one structure, prior to the welding process. Machine components include the main frame, jig base, slide, slide frame, ridge locking tool, hydraulic unit, and fence. The machine’s size varies depending on the shape of the pipe to be formed. The machine allows customization for our Tier 1 customers in the automotive industry who have different requirements for the amount of ridge locking needed, depending on the muffler model and sheet thickness. When baffles are two or more layers, our equipment also improves the straightness between the baffles using ridge locking. The vertical design takes up minimum space on the plant floor and allows for easy maintenance and quick tool changing. Since we design and manufacture all tools and jigs in-house, we can create customized tooling  for any application.

Ridge Locking Machine
Ridge Locking Tooling