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Welding Jig Turntables

Robotic Welding | Automotive Assembly Lines

As an equipment manufacturer we are often asked to design machines with minimal tool changeover time. We serve clients who manufacture products in a wide range of shapes and sizes, catering to different models of automotive manufacturers. Our understanding of these needs led to the development of our welding turntable. We design and manufacture rotating tool tables with multiple welding jigs attached, which can be used to assemble automotive body parts using robot arms. This minimizes tool change downtime and increases productivity so our customers can meet their demanding cycle times.

Rotating Welding Jig Table

We have also applied these turntables to our own welding station and assembly line solutions. We manufacture CO2 welding stations for the production of exhaust systems, cowl cross bars, automotive front frames and automotive bumper frames. Visit our Assembly Lines section for more information.

CO2 Welding Station with Jig Table
Welding Jig Turntable