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Automatic Drilling Machines

Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Our Automatic Drilling Machines are ideal for creating holes in automotive door frames, muffler pipes, and cowl crossbars. They come with changeable jigs for speedier operations and self-correcting drill units that check the distance between holes and the number of holes before continuing to the next process. Each machine is carefully designed to minimize burr formation.

Pipe Drilling Machine | Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Drilling Machines for Automotive Door Frames

Drilling Machine for Door Frames | Automotive Parts Manufacturing

The Door Frame Drilling Machine uses a servo motor to rotate pipes precisely to locate the hole, while clamping is controlled by an air cylinder. It contains self-feeding drill units controlled by a servo motor and ball screw system. Chucks are designed and machined in-house to guarantee high precision levels for automotive part manufacturing.

Drilling Machines for Exhaust Muffler Pipes

Drilling Machines for Exhaust Systems | Automotive Parts Manufacturing

The Exhaust System Drilling Machine is designed to process the welded areas of sensor bossholes on muffler pipes. It comes with an automatic in-feed system controlled by hydraulic cylinder, while clamping is controlled by an air cylinder.

Drilling Machines for Straight Cowl Crossbars

Drilling Machines for Cowl Crossbars | Automotive Parts Manufacturing

The Straight Crossbar Drilling Machine drills multiple holes of the same diameter on straight cowl crossbars. It is equipped with an automatic self-feeder and pneumatic chucks, while hole location and angle are controlled by NC programming. Workpiece rotation is precisely controlled by a servo motor. A combination of servo motor, ball screw and linear module are used for X axis positioning. For easy maintenance, the machine is equipped with an oil mist spraying system.

Drilling Machine for Bent Cowl Crossbars

Drilling Machines for Cowl Crossbars

This model allows users to drill multiple holes of the same diameter on bent pipes. Machine design is similar to the Straight Crossbar Drilling Machine, with a self-feeder and pneumatic chucks.