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Tube End Forming Tools

Expanding, Reducing, Notching & Swaging Tools for Automotive Tubes & Pipes

TST’s high performance End Forming Tools are used for Pipe and Tube Fabrication with our own end forming machines, or with various third party brands including Matsumura and Caillau. Our End Forming Tool Sets can produce expanded, swaged, reduced, notched or curled profiles. These solutions are widely used by Tier 1 automotive part manufacturers that supply exhaust systems and crossmembers to vehicle OEMs.

We also offer customized tooling for complex shapes that can be integrated into your existing end forming equipment. Contact us with your product drawings and requirements to learn more about our advanced capabilities.

End Forming Tools
Expanding Tool
Reducing End Forming Tool

Expanding End Forming Tool

Reducing End Forming Tool

Slotting End Forming Tool
Embossing Tool

Slotting End Forming Tool

Notching End Forming Tool